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Automatic Vaoltage Regulator (Stabilizer) Matsuyama
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04 May 2020
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Specification of

Automatic Vaoltage Regulator (Stabilizer) Matsuyama

Stabilizer "MATSUYAMA", overcome the problems caused by unstable electricity. Unstable voltage can damage and shorten the life of your electronics.

MATSUYAMA Stabilizer equipped with System DC Servo Motor, which can stabilize Input voltage up and down and change the load to the output voltage / Output voltage is always stable. Also has an Auto Wind Back System, which can have difficulty start after experiencing power outage with a sensitivity level of approximately 2% towards the input.
Power Consumption is Small, But High Efficiency Level
Spending MINIM, Results obtained by MAXI "

Benefits of using MATSUYAMA stabilizer:

* AC works well, compressor is not noisy and not flammable.
* The computer works normally so that office activity is not hampered.
* TV picture perfect.
* Microwave, Oven, Washing Machine, Sound System, TV and Refrigerator works well.
* Efficiency of industrial machine work is maintained and quantity of production is always good.

We have guaranteed after sales service and availability of spare parts.

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