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Stabilizer (Stavolt) Matsuyama AVRLD15GT
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IDR 19787500.00

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Stabilizer (Stavolt) Matsuyama AVRLD15GT

Stabilizer is a tool to keep the voltage of electric current in the electrical installation remain normal or remain stable, unstable power flow due to the theft of electric power, changes in the weather or exposed to a sudden resistance when passing through the boiler, may cause a voltage change or unstable voltage. How to ensure electrical voltage using test voltage, if less than 200 V, then you must use Stabilizer to stabilize the voltage to get back to normal.

Matsuyama's motor servo motor stabilizer system can stabilize the inlet voltage and change the up and down loads to keep the output voltage stable.

Equipped with a series of "Audio Wind Back System" that can overcome the start kesulitas after experiencing power outage with a sensitivity of about 2% of the input.

Power consumption is small, high efficiency level.
Minimum expenditure, results maximized.

Advantages and advantages:
- Microwive, oven, washing machine, sound system and refrigerator can operate manually.
- Efficiency of industrial machine work is maintained so that the quality of production can be fulfilled.
- Central electric telekomonikasi not disturbed so that the communication becomes smooth.
- After sales service is guaranteed, machine parts are always available.
- Air conditioning (AC) works well, AC compressor is not noisy and not flammable.
- Machines with high sensitivity to changes in utility voltage can still run well.
- The computer works normally so that the office activities can run well.
- TV picture is perfect.

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